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Pitcairn (FB - 9)
Dean of Orkney
B. at Ref.
M. 22 Feb 1661 at Ref.
D. at Ref.
B. at Ref.
D. at Ref.
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"In October (1665) we have the first mention of a name which will subsequently frequently be met with.  It is that of Mr Alexander Pitcarne, who was then ordered to undergo `tryalls,` he having obtained a presentation from the Bishop of Sandwick and Stromness.  In the autumn the Bishop seems to have gone south, and had then obtained the promise of Mr Pitcairn;s services.  A graduate of the University of St Andrews, he appears to have belonged to that district, and from his seal, related to the old family of Pitcairn of that Ilk, which carried - `2nd and 3rd argent, an eagle with wings displayed sable, for Ramsay` in addition to `quarterly 1st and 4th argent, three lozenges` (Nisbet’s Heraldry, i.215).  His wife, Elizabeth Sinclair, was the eldest lawful daughter of John Alexander, Dean of Guild of St Andrews in Fife, and through her he succeeded to some landed estate in that county.  At least he was well known to the Bishop.  He was soon appointed Dean, and proved himself worthy of the Bishop’s patronage.”

A double-headed eagle (part of the Forthar arms), Pitcairn’s seal, was affixed to a letter written by him to the Rev. James Douglas. 

Although Bishop Bruce never came to Orkney, he appointed the Rev. A. Pitcairn, Dean – a fact which Mr John Wilson, the remaining Episcopal clergyman in the Cathedral of St Magnus, informed the magistrates and Kirk-session of, on 17th June 1689.