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16th Lord of Forthar and Pitcairn
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Daughter of Sir William Menteith of Kerse Knight
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David, sixteenth lord of Forthar and Pitcairne, succeeded his father Henry of tht Ilk.  He seems to have been rather noisy when he was a youth, because the Principal of New College, St Andrews, in 1587, complains of several of the young students making a riot, and David Pitcairn’s name was mentioned as being one of the ringleaders.  He was in the army, for in November of 1621 there is a letter of Thomas Murray to Carleton, recommending “Lieut. David Pitcairn, who is a favourite with the Prince (Charles).”  There are charters of 1613 and 1621.  David married on Jan 6 1611 Marion Menteith

Charter of Henry Pitcairn of that Ilk, and David Pitcairn his eldest son, in terms of marriage-contract between the said David Pitcairn with his father’s consent on the one part, and Mariota Menteith, daughter of Sir William Menteith of Kerse, Knight with consent of the latter on the other part, of date Dec. 11 1610, infefting the said Mariota as future spouse of David Pitcairn in life rent, in the mill and mill lands of Freuchy, in the lordship and Stewart of Fife.  Robert Pitcairn of Dounfield (Henry’s brother ) was a witness.

The King’s charter regarding Henry Pitcairn, his son David and his wife, Mariota Menteith, and their heirs, the Barony of Forthar, the Barony of Downfield, Freuchy, &c.

David’s wife, Mariota Menteith, was descended from one of the oldest Scottish families.  Her father, Sir William Menteith, and her mother, Lady Isabella Hamilton suffered great persecution for the cause of their religion, and her father was the last of the elder line.



PFH: by Constance Pitcairn