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Pitcairn (FB - 6)
B. at Ref.
M. at Ref.
D. at Ref.
B. at Ref.
D. at Ref.
Isobel b. 10 Jan 1584 at Dunfermline, Fife
Janet b. 29 May 1586 at
David b. 27 Oct 1588 at
James b. 1 Apr 1590 at
Margaret b. 8 Sep 1591 at
Henry b. 9 Mar 1602 at
James b. 18 Feb 1606 at


12 Aug 1583 Tack to David Pitcairne, the Commendatorís domestic servitor, son natural to Mr John Pitcairn of that Ilk, brother german of the Commendator, of the teind sheaves of the town and lands of Vawill in parish of Dunfermline [f.142 Ref. CH6/3/2]

Assignation by David Pitcairne, son natural to Mr John Pitcairn of that Ilk. To Robert Pitcairn of Dounfield, in reference to contract [No.281] between said David and George Halket of Pitfirran, 20th August 1584, of an annual-rent of 50 merks and 30 merks from lands and mains of Pitfirrane, 8th April 1609. (Pitfirrane Writs 443)

Charter by said David Pitcairn to Robert Pitcairn of Dounfield, of said annual-rent of 50 merks, 8th April 1609. (444, & 445)

Disposition Robert Pitcairn of Dounfield to said (sic) Robert Pitcairn, tailor, eldest son of above designed David Pitcairn, of the said two annual-rents, 4thMay 1609. ( 446)

Charter by George Halkheid of Pitfirrane and Isobeil Hepburne, his spouse to David Pitcairn above designed and Janet Wrycht, his spouse, of an annual-rent of 50 merks and of 30 merks from lands of Pitfirrane, in exchange for an annual-rent of 2 chalders, conform to contract no 281, 18th August 1585.(289 and others)



PFH: by Constance Pitcairn