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M. 1546 at St Andrews, Fife Ref.
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Of Balfour
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D. 1591 at Ref.
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Isobelle Pitcairn, third daughter of David Pitcairn of that Ilk and Forthar, married in 1546 John Bethune, son of John, ninth laird of Balfour, and Agnes Anstruther his wife.   They were married at St Andrews, Fife.

At Edinburgh, on 22nd May, a charter was drawn up by John Betoun of Balfour to his son and heir-apparent, and Isobelle Pitcairn his wife, of the lands of Cathill, alias Hoilcathill, in the barony of Balfour in Fife, held by the said John junior, and Isabella his wife between them, and their legitimate heirs whoever they be.  Witness, David Pitcairn of Forthar etc. 18 May 1546.

John Bethune succeeded his father in 1579 as tenth laird, and had an only son who died young.  He died himself in 1591, and was succeeded in the estate of Balfour by his brother, Robert Bethune.  Johnís daughter Margaret married John Bar the historian in 1560.  Her mother was Isobelle Pitcairn and therefore Margaret Bethune was a niece of Robert Pitcairn, Commendator of Dunfermline.




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