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11th Lord of that Ilk and Forthar and 1st of Pitlour and Laird 1489
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Mailville / Melville
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Henry. 11th  Lord of Pitcarne, and Forthar, succeeded his father in 1489, and in the following charters he was formally infefted in the lands of Cullerny or Colldirney.  He also was owner of Drongie or Drongy, and signed deeds as “de Forthir” and again in 1508.  A remission under the Great Seal of King James IV to Henry Pitcairn for act and part and the oppression done to Thomas Butlour of Ramgallie by destroying his corn on the 10 Dec. of that year.1503. Egidia Mailville or Melville, and her name is mentioned on the 14th July 1504, in a confirmation by James IV King of Scots of a charter granted by Andrew Furny of Maistown to Henry Pitcarne of Drungy and Egidia (Giles or Grizzell Mailville his wife)  Grizzel Mailville’s family was of ancient descent and was called Leslie Mewlville or Mailville.   The King [James IV] concedes to Henry Pitcairn of that Ilk and his heirs three quarters of the lands of Forthar-Ramsay, with parts appendages.  32 parts of the same in Fife, of which are indeed one at least, perhaps two quarters, that is to say 31 parts, bought by the same Henry personally, and one quarter 31 parts bought by David Barclay of Cullerny, and inspected by them, and which the King incorporated in one freehold, 11th Feb.1510.  Henry Pitcarne, witness to a deed at Pitlour in 1517. (Easter Pitlour belonged to him.)

Henry Pitcairn of Drongy and Pitcairn is witness to a charter by Sir William Scott of Balwearie, Knight to the church of St Salvador in the city of St Andrews, on the 11th September 1514. Confirmed by the King James V.


The Lang Charters 246. 1503 - 282. 1511 & PFH: by Constance Pitcairn