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Welcome to the Home of the Pitcairn Family

It has been a dream of Sheila Pitcairn to see the fruits of her labour published in a way that will allow individuals from all over the world, to share in her project of the Pitcairn Family. For over 40 years she has been researching and archiving information relating to this truly remarkable family and thanks to the advances in technology, she feels that the time is now right to share this vast resource with all those who are interested. 

Many will know that Constance Pitcairn, really started the ball rolling when she published her works entitled "The Fife Pitcairns", detailing the extent of the Pitcairn Family, as known at that time. Her Family Trees have been the start point from which the majority of the information contained herein has been worked from. There have been many changes to the original and countless additional information has been added to those people who had the privilege to call themselves Pitcairn's throughout our chequered history.

This site does not just relate to those Pitcairn's who lived and died in Scotland, far from it, the families have been traced all over the world, they seem to have helped colonize most corners of the globe, planting their roots and developing their families as only the Pitcairn's know how. So if you are one of these globe trotting Pitcairn's, possibly you just married one of them (it can happen you know), or you are closer to home, then here is where you will find your roots and maybe answer a few of those questions, which have been troubling your generations. 

We have not taken all the families up to living decedents as it was decided that this information could be viewed as too confidential without the concerned individuals consent. There will no address or personal details disclosed unless expressly stated by anyone. We hope that this site will allow people with a Pitcairn interest, to contact each other and exchange what ever information they want. It is not intended to be restricted to genealogy only, as it would be nice just to keep in contact with one and another. 

If you have new information or just want further details regarding the individuals shown on the family trees, please do not hesitate to Contact us and we will try to get back to you as soon as practicable. This site will be kept up to date with amendments and new information as it becomes available, so keep checking back here for the latest news. 

There would be little point in posting a newsletter here as the subject is being well covered by people more able than those involved in this project. May we suggest that you visit (as often as possible please) the clan website at, this site is run by Colin Pitcairn from the USA and contains a huge amount of information on the Pitcairn's. There is a Newsletter section, Family History, Events and much more contained there, so keep it book marked. It is hope that this site is up and running in time for the next gathering in July 2002 in the USA, but his is very dependent upon how quickly all the information can be converted for the web.

If you are interested in obtaining copies of any of the available certificates or documents relating to any of the individuals shown in the various Family Branches, then please refer to the Certificates page for further information.

In the meantime "Haste Ye Back"



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Revised: February 19, 2004